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Title: Summer with Christos

Illustration: Christos Demopoulos

ISBN: 960-14-0922- X, ISBN-13 978-960-14-0922-1 [Out of Print]

Publisher: A.A. Livanis

Year: 2004

Pages: 63

In brief:

How can the summer pass by pleasantly and creatively? In this book, Christos Demopoulos takes you through the magical world of paper and other materials you need for creative yet simple constructions.

And if you think it is difficult, you are mistaken! Just gather a few things you can easily find in your home: scissors, glue, paint, paper clips, straws, toothpicks, clay and, of course, paper, cardboard or old newspapers. But also little things you will certainly come across when you are on holiday: sand, sea shells, starfish, cartons of juice or milk …

Read the simple instructions carefully, see the explanatory illustrations and enjoy a creative summer full of fun!