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Title: Constructions from Ouranio Toxo

Illustration: Christos Demopoulos

ISBN: 978-618-01-0242-0

Publisher: Psychogios

Year: 2013

Pages: 109

In brief:

Instead of watching TV all the time, or sitting all day in front of a tablet or PC or even playing video games for hours on end, it is much better to spend our free time doing something creative. It’s, therefore, time to grab some paper, pencils, crayons and scissors, to practice our skills, sharpen our imagination, to feel the joy of creating something with our hands and without even spending our pocket money !

In this book, Christos Demopoulos gathers 40 of his most favourite constructions as he presented them in his famous TV Show and helps you make them yourself with more than 250 explanatory illustratiuons and easy step-by-step instructions

Go ahead, then! Endless hours of enjoyment are awaiting you!


Also available in e-book


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