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Title: The dragon Napoleon

Illustration: Nikolas Andrikopoulos

ISBN: 978-618-01-1152-1

Publisher: Psychogios

Year: 2015

Pages : 48

In brief:

It rained cats and dogs that morning, but soon the sun came out, together with a beautiful rainbow… During the first break, while all the little dragons came out in the schoolyard to play on the swings, the slides and the swing turtles, Napoleon sat alone on a bench. His gaze was fixed on Josephine who was playing chase with her friends, Henrieta and Louisa. He did not notice Arthur who came running behind him and struck him with his tail pushing him into the wet sandpit! Napoleon got up slowly and shook the mud from his body. He saw all the little dragons who had now stopped their games and observed him. Most laughed. But Arthur laughed louder. Only Josephine had a sad look on her face…


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