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Title: The Fous and the Oufs

Illustration: Nicolaos Yannopoulos

ISBN: 978-618-01-1587-1

Publisher: Psychogios

Year: 2017

Pages: 56

In brief:

Many years ago, there were two countries that no longer exist today: the Country of Oufs and the Country of Fous. You will not find them in any map or any history book.

The Country of Oufs was extremely hot because there the winter never arrived. All year round it was summer and the heat was unbearable. The Country of Fous, on the other hand, was always bitterly cold. Summers never visited the place and the year was twelve months of winter and frost.

These two countries were completely different. Only one thing they had in common: nothing grew on their land, there was no livestock to be found and their inhabitants would surely die of hunger if among them there was not the Island, a small paradise, from where they took what they needed. And all was good, until that day when the King of the Oufs had a bright idea: to make war on the Fous!


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